CNC Milling

Turning lathes have been used for millennia and really came into their own during the industrial revolution. CNC Turning has even further revolutionised the manufacturing process to deliver precise results in the most efficient manner. With more than 25 years in the trade, Autolathing Engineering is Auckland's trusted team when it comes to all CNC Turning jobs. With our live tooling CNC lathes you can count on our team to cater to all of your turning and lathing requirements with impeccable attention to detail. For a chat about your needs, please get in touch with the team at Autolathing Engineering today.
The process
CNC Turning is a fully automated process that employs a multi-point tool to shape, smooth or manipulate curved surfaces or holes. CNC lathes utilise computer numerical control to regulate the speed at which the raw material spins for greater consistency. Parts are moved with enhanced precision thanks to the special motor that powers the CNC lathe.
The benefits
Autolathing Engineering is committed to offering you the most dependable computerised turning services in the region. Thanks to our advanced technology coupled with the experience of our team, you can relax knowing that your project is in skilled and capable hands. Your parts will be meticulously machined to guarantee absolute accuracy and quality control.
The applications
The computerised lathing solutions offered by Autolathing Engineering can provide answers to many of your manufacturing and engineering dilemmas. Our modern workshop is equipped to deal with all types of steel, brass, aluminium and plastics. Whether you need marine, residental, commercial, agricultural components or mining equipment, we can produce a result that meets your exacting specifications.
CNC milling in Auckland