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Our precision 3D Printing service utilises both Continuous Fibre Reinforcement (CFR) technology and chopped carbon fibre material,  providing you with strong, durable parts that are able to replace machined aluminium.


We have a state-of-the-art Markforged 2 3D Printer using Onyx™, Markforged’s highly versatile carbon fibre material. 


We are also open to using alternative engineering plastics such as nylon or ABS, provided that they are compatible with our 3D Printer. 


Onyx is a unique micro carbon fibre filled nylon that enables us to print accurate parts with near flawless surface finish. Few materials have the versatility of Onyx. It offers high strength, toughness, and chemical resistance when printed alone, and can be reinforced with Continuous Fibres to yield aluminium-strength parts. 


Our team are experienced in 3D Printing and are able to produce beautiful, high-quality Onyx parts quickly and efficiently, generating value for you and your business. We provide a tailored service with fast turnaround, delivering engineering-grade 3D Printed parts. 
3d printing

Why should I choose 3D printed componentry? 

Our 3D Printing service makes it easy to solve tough manufacturing problems, for example, quality control-testing jigs and fixtures, including go/no-go gauges.  This allows us to test threads, angles and complex shapes on the product, at the CNC machine, before unclamping them from the jaws. 3D special contour-clamping systems can also be printed to allow the holding of non-symmetrical shaped surfaces. Printing jaws is an easy way of securing the part to be machined. 

What are the technical specs of your 3D printer? 

  • Markforged Mark Two™ Continuous Fibre Composite 3D Printer 
  • Onyx™ impregnated carbon fibre material 
  • Composite Base Filaments, Continuous Fibres 
  • Z Layer Resolution: 100 μm - 200 μm
  • Build Volume: Width 320 mm, Depth 132 mm, Height 154 mm