Precise and professional CNC Routing services in Auckland

When you need  high quality output, it pays to talk to the CNC Routing experts at Autolathing Engineering. Based in Auckland, our engineering experts have been in the business for over 25 years. During this time we are proud to have become a leading name in routing and cutting services. From general manufacturing to marine engineering, we have lent our expertise to countless successful projects in diverse industries. We are dedicated to offering you a completely personalised solution that will help keep your business productive and profitable. Make sure you leave your routing needs in the hands of true professionals. Contact Autolathing Engineering today.
Is CNC Routing right for your project?

CNC Router technology is typically used in cases where identical reproduction of parts or products is essential. This is particularly useful for all manner of manufacturing, engineering and agricultural applications. By enabling complete automation of the production process, using nesting software, computerised routing not only saves you money, it also means that exacting quality standards can be easily maintained.

What does a CNC Router do?

Simply put, a CNC Router is used for cutting flat sheet type materials. CNC Routing machines can cut plastics, wood, foam and composites.  CNC Routing has streamlined the process of creating a vast range of components and finished products. Whether you need customised plastic mouldings for any purpose or ongoing sturdy replacable parts, Autolathing Engineering can help you. If you have any questions or wish to obtain a quote, just give us a call at the workshop!
CNC routing in Auckland